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Holton Wildcats Preyed On Its Victims With Winning The Silver Lake Tournament

The Holton Wildcats ranked sixth in the latest polls in Class 4A, made its presence known with preying on its victims to win the Silver Lake Tournament. Four Wildcats paved the way for Horton to win the team race with crowning Kyler Jackson @ 120, Cale Hein @ 126, Jayden Fletcher @ 160 and Dalton Roush @ 220, along with a fellow Runner-Up and two bronze medalist.  

The Silver Lake Eagles with finishing as runner-ups in their own tournament, certainly lived up to their 7th place ranking in Class 3,2,1A with placing seven wrestlers in the top four of their weight class. Led by their two champions in Justin Rakestraw @ 138 and Daigan Kruger @ 170 including a couple of runner-ups, two bronze medalist and a 4th place finisher, kept the Eagles within reasonable striking distance of first place, while at the same time scoring just enough team points to eliminate any serious threats from challengers of possibly overtaking their second place finish.  

The Ottawa Cyclones has been one of those teams right on the verge of cracking the top ten in Class 4A and may have received just about the right amount of swirling gust winds it was needing with placing third in the team race. The Cyclones gathered enough counter clockwise momentum that they managed to produce six placers in the tournament including three champions with Brock Sutton @ 106, Parker Guge @ 145 and Jared Ferguson @ 195.        

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Written by Jim Ramirez


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